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To highlight the range of clients that use brands exclusively supplied by Jestic we created a library of testimonials.

Video • Photography • Strategy • Copy

The Brief

In preparation for the launch of their new website, Jestic required a range of photography and video from a variety of locations to help showcase the benefits that working with both Jestic and its brands actually brings to a venue. However, this was not just about delivering standard statements on camera, this was about bringing the venues alive and allowing Jestic’s customers to tell their own stories, whilst also highlighting the solutions that the equipment brings.

A chef being interviewed in a restaurant as a videographer records him.

The Project

Rawlingson Lane was an integral part of the project from the offset. Simply requiring a list of customers from Jestic that had agreed to be contacted about participating, we took the reins from there.

During the initial call to confirm the venue were happy to proceed, we also positioned to the contact exactly what we wanted to achieve, how long we estimated that we would be with them and how little impact we would aim to have on their business. After keeping all parties in the loop during the planning stages, we then arrived on site. Initially working with the culinary team we achieved a range of shots both photographically and on video highlighting Jestic’s equipment in use. We then interviewed a key team member on camera using both pre-planned questions, but also ad-libbing as the interview progressed.

A collage of images showing chefs at work and being interviewed.

Once the onsite element was over, we set about editing the footage into a 2-3 minute video, condensing on average 75 minutes of footage into a focussed testimonial. Due to the tight timeframe required by the website launch schedule, we turned these testimonial videos around in just a few days after each shoot. The initial cut for each video was sent to Jestic for feedback, on select occasions where amends were required they were actioned before final versions of each video were exported, signed off by Jestic and the venue, and finally uploaded to relevant sites.

Selected testimonials were also edited down into 30 and 60 second snippets which we utilised on Jestic’s social media. Written versions of the case studies were also uploaded to Jestic’s website alongside the finished videos.

Elements of a website page detailing how case studies are uploaded onto the site.

The Results

Jestic now has a fantastic library of testimonials, all of which highlight the real benefits of using their range of equipment. These have been used across their new website (which we also designed), social media (which we also run) and are also given to the sales team for them to use when in meetings with customers. Overall an exciting project, the results of which have longevity.

A selection of the testimonial videos we produced can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

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Catch up with the latest from Rawlingson Lane

From our insights into the industry, thoughts on the latest trends to our recent goings on.

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