Baking trends to try out in lockdown 3.0


Beatrice Nugent

January 13, 2021




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Step aside banana bread and so-long sour dough, because there are some new, baking trends for us to trial out this lockdown!...So what are they?

In this blog-post, we roll up our sleeves, tie up our apron strings, and find out what bakes we should be whipping up this lockdown!

1.      Vegan bakes

It would be wrong not to try out some vegan bakes during lockdown 3.0, right?... It is Veganuary after all! But how easy is it to transform a classic bake into a vegan friendly one? Well, thanks to a new raft of Vegan friendly ingredients and food products becoming available to the market, you could say its easy as pie!

So, whether you are swapping out cow’s milk for an oat alternative, using a combination of apple-cider vinegar and soya milk as an alternative to buttermilk, or opting for aquafaba (yes you read that right)instead of eggs, you can easily transform virtually any recipe into a vegan friendly version!


2.      Tarts

Despite once being a bake feared by many due to the complexity and skill required for a perfect pastry case, many home bakers will no doubt be using lockdown 3.0 as an opportunity to take their baking up a knotch by creating tempting tarts from scratch.

For those of us less confident in the kitchen,ready-rolled pastries are a must and allow the amateur the baker to concentrate of the filling of their tart rather than the pastry itself!


3.      Classic bakes

 The new year is a nostalgic time for many, hence why we can expect retro, classic bakes to be on the agenda during this new year lockdown. Tie this in with the fact that schools are shut during this lockdown meaning parents will likely be looking for ways to keep the kids entertained in which classic baking provides the perfect solution! So where to begin… with a classic viccy sponge, or maybe a batch of iced cookies?


4.      Tsunami cakes

This cake may be a calorie coma waiting to happen, but wow, it sure looks impressive and fun to make!

Also known as a ‘pull me up’ cake,the newly on-trend tsunami cake is made just like any other cake; the only difference is the show-stopping presentation of this bake which will see its icing slide down the sides in dramatic, tsunami style.

So how is this effect achieved? Well to begin, the cake will need to wrapped in plastic. Once all sides are covered,the liquidy icing can then be added. Once the plastic sheet is pulled up, the icing will then ooze out, creating a mesmerising, instagramable effect!


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