Food trends to look out for in 2021


Beatrice Nugent

December 17, 2020




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…After what has been a whirlwind of a year for all, we’ve FINALLY made it to the end of 2020, which means a fresh year full of new foodie trends and opportunities is on the horizon... But what exactly are the top food trends that we should look out for in 2021?...

Trend no.1 – Health is wealth

Whilst Brits would gladly leave the pinch of the pandemic far behind in 2020, the nation has already been prepped that despite the silver-lining of vaccination-roll outs, the start of 2021 will still be lived in the shadows of Covid-19 due to ongoing restrictions and tiers. Due to this we predict the demand for healthier food products will be higher than ever at the start of 2021, especially in January where New Year’s resolutions and Veganuary pledges also come into play!

So,come January, don’t be surprised when you spot Vitamin-boosted versions of your typical store-cupboard items cropping up on supermarket shelves!

Trend no.2 – Making a splash with alternative oils

Step-aside sunflower, and out the way olive, because some new cooking oils are on the block!... Joking aside, whilst these oils will continue to be popular with consumers and chefs for the foreseeable, equally, chefs and consumers will also be intrigued to start cooking with some new oils such as pumpkin, walnut and flaxseed.

Trend no.3 – Yippee for Chickpeas

The humble chickpea is gearing up for yet another surge in demand as chefs and food manufacturers focus on transforming this wholesome legume into new and exciting variations: From chickpea tofu through to chickpea chips, and even chickpea flour and chickpea cereals, consumers can expect to experience chickpeas in a whole new way in 2021!

Trend no.4 – Best of British

As Brexit looms, and the importance of supporting local businesses continues to bubble, so does demand for brilliant, British produce!

There’s no doubt then that we will see a much larger range of British produced foods and drinks stocked on the shelves of supermarkets, as well as on restaurant menus.

Trend no.5 – Brilliant breakfasts

We expect beautiful, lavish breakfasts will be on the menu for many UK Brits in 2021… But why?... Well, it’s quite simple: those employees that are set to continue to work from home in 2021 now have the luxury of swapping any previous time spent on their morning commute with creative, AM cooking, or even a cheeky weekday morning visit to their favourite breakfast spot.. and why not, breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all ;)

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