Seeing is believing


Beatrice Nugent

August 27, 2021




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Ever heard of the saying ‘Seeing is believing’? We all have, right? But is there actually any substance behind the saying?

Well, there certainly seems to be! In fact, studies carried out by Psychologist Jerome Bruner show that most people retain 80% of what they see compared to just 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read. Those are some big stats to consider!

So how exactly can a brand use visual methods to communicate their message? And make customers believe what they say?

In this blog post, we outline 3 methods of visual communication that brands should look to incorporate into their marketing strategies!


A picture has the power to capture a thousand words, especially for a brand that is launching a new product and wishes to show exactly what the product looks like in a single, or collection of snapshots.

When it comes to taking these shots, brands should consider a number of factors that they wish to come across in each still:

·     What are the key feature/USP’s to convey?

·     Where will these photographs be used? (advertising, social media, website)

·     Is the branding clear in each shot?

·     How versatile are these shots?

·     Are the pictures a suitable format and quality?

Having a bank of up to-date, on-brand photographs which can be used for many purposes, and across multiple media platforms, is a must for brands, and the foundations to a strong visual presence.

Case Studies

There’s no better way for a product to be demonstrated than showing it in action! Likewise, hearing a genuine customer testimony is an amazing way to certify the brilliance of a product, so why not combine the two? Our case studies do exactly this and serve to highlight the benefits of our clients’ products in a sophisticated, 2-3 minute video. Clients can then use this footage across various channels such as on their website, on social media, for interactive ads as well as a material in sales pitches. Check out our collection of case studies over on our YouTube channel!

Case Study at The Alchemist Cocktail Bar, Birmingham
Social Media & PR Presence

It’s no good investing in new photography and video footage if you aren’t going to use these materials to their best ability! But where to begin?

Photography and video content are backbone materials for creating the most engaging kinds of social media posts, allowing a brand to communicate their product to their customer straight to their phone!

Likewise, these materials are a must-have for supporting PR activity, particularly when sending new product releases and submitting features on various products.

If you are looking for for help with photography, case studies, social media or PR, then do not hesitate to contact us!

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