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5 ways PR can help you to be roadmap ready

By Jane Whittles


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Monday, 19th April 2021

Our last blog outlined the top 4 changes that we feel will have a big impact on the hospitality industry.

#Change1 – Online Rules

#Change2 - Eat Out, Out

#Change3 - Make Me A Cake

#Change4 – Are You From Round Here?

So, what can PR do to help your business to capitalise on these trends? PR can help you to define your brand. What you are doing and why? It can push consistency of messaging across lots of platforms and boost your credibility via earned media. It can give your business a good old push up the …. Getting your name and brand out into the media, whether that’s trade, retail or consumer. You don’t need a large budget, you don’t need to understand CPM, CTC, GRP, Frequency, Reach or Recall but you do need excellent media relationships (you can leave that one to us).

We know a thing or two about PR so here are our top 5 ways PR can help you to be ‘RR’ (Roadmap Ready).

1. Content, content, content – do you have great photography, research, interesting news, product launches, blogs, white papers, webinars, an infographic?  Even for us, it’s hard to magic some great PR from nothing, but we can help you create all of the above and more! 

2. Social media- are you using your content correctly on your social media platforms. Twitter to deliver short, sharp business messages, Instagram to show off amazing images and FB to talk about how you’ve helped your local community. LinkedIn to connect with customers, push webinars, upload research and white papers and are you putting relevant blogs on your website. How much engagement are you getting, what audience growth? It’s really important to define a strategy, plan posts and put some key metrics in place to evaluate how you’re tracking. 

3. Regular press releases - to online and printed media, targeted to the different sectors you want to reach.  Restaurants, hotels, contract caterers, education, or for consumer, are you targeting food, drink, health, retailers?

4. Feature responses – a chance to show your expertise and feature your product in an independent magazine article that is specific to a sector and to a topic.  Plant based food, Refrigeration, High SpeedOvens, Packaging, Breakfast, Takeaway etc. 

5. Thought Leadership – being seen as an expert in your field brings all sorts of benefits but you do have to say something useful, new, challenging etc. We create two types of thought leadership approach – one is for PR which is expert opinions that aren’t bold sales pitches.  They need to position a company as an expert in their field, up to date on trends and backed up by research – something insightful. The second is for lead generation and in this instance, you do need to tailor your content to your product as we are trying to use it as a hook to sell your product or service.

So, they are our top 5 tips. Of course, there’s lots more that you can do but it’s important to start somewhere.  And if that all seems quite overwhelming when you’re trying to run a business and handle the day to day, then give us a call to help.

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