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Content Is King. Yes Really

By Jane Whittles


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Monday, 13th September 2021


The rise of social and digital marketing has brought the importance of content to the fore for many, but for us, it’s always been at the heart of what we do. The right content can build trust, create leads, increase awareness and engagement, drive traffic to websites, improve SEO, establish competitive advantage, showcase your brand and achievements – we could go on!


Essentially content has to STOP people and engage their interest long enough for them to read or view what they’ve seen.  It’s not always as simple as a phone photo with a funny caption on Instagram.  Likewise, it’s not just rehashing things you’ve already got. Yes, this is cheap, but even then, content has to be repurposed for each use, otherwise it is unlikely to get the impact you hoped.

Good content needs to be an integral part of your marketing strategy.  One piece of really good content can be used across many different platforms.  Let’s look at the humble case study; the video can be shown on a website and on YouTube, it can be cut down into multiple bite-sized clips for posts, stories and reels on Instagram and LinkedIn, and the photographs can also be used across social media.  The case study write up can be utilised in magazines as a testimonial for your brand and the images can be used again in feature responses to showcase your brand/equipment.  Leveraged further in any leaflets or brochures you create, even in digital or print advertising as part of the creative.  You can even run the video on screens at events or exhibitions and within sales presentations.  That case study sure gives a lot of bang for its buck!

If ingredients or food are your focus, think about how you can create recipes or presentation ideas to help bring the product life. Creating Instagram reels or stories showing how your product can be used is powerful for those watching, who think, wow that’s impressive, I could do that.  So, instead of simply showing an image of your chocolate sauce bottle, why not create a short video of the chocolate sauce being poured out or an amazingly quick, simple and mouth-watering dessert that will draw people in.  That’s the difference between content and really good content (and by the way, all of this does not have to cost a fortune. For several of our clients, our recent content has helped to double and treble followers and engagement within just a few months.  Just get in touch and we’ll show you what we’ve done recently).

Stuck for Ideas?

Short of things to talk about?  Try running a quick and cost-effective piece of consumer or trade research (obviously, we can do that for you).  With the results you’ll have content for press releases, for features in magazines, for facts and snippets on social media, for blogs etc. Depending upon the type of research, it can be used to position you as a thought leader in your sector or communicate that you’re up to date on local trends, or we could write a white paper to be used for lead generation.  

Content - build it into your marketing strategy at the same time as you plan your annual budgets and think about what you need to achieve for your brand.  Content is an asset.  Content is your friend.  We can also be your friend, give us a call to chat more.

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