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By Jane Whittles


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Tuesday, 19th December 2023

PR is the perfect combination of promotion and endorsement. Carefully crafted stories that industry influencers and publishers share in their media add credibility to a campaign, less direct sell, more recommendation and endorsement! That’s the power of PR.

With the application of digital PR, the opportunity to increase the reach and impressions of a PR campaign snowballs. Your story might be seen in an industry-leading printed magazine, and then it may also be seen in the online version, on social media, in an e-newsletter, etc, vastly increasing the number of people who will see and engage with the content (and also making it easy to share that content with others). Additionally, measuring the success of the story/content becomes relatively straightforward (‘likes’ on social media, open rate on a newsletter, links clicked from a website etc.)

Is it different from traditional ‘offline’ PR?

Quite simply, it’s all part of the plan; the overarching PR or marketing plan that aims to achieve your objectives e.g., build brand awareness, generate leads. However, when it comes to execution and content, there are some points to consider: -

Audience - with digital PR targeting is a dream. The proliferation of websites, specialist social media accounts, and influencers means the audience expands but becomes more specialised in their field of expertise.

Content – this needs to be not only relevant to an editor or journalist but created with the media medium in mind.  A press release with images for print, a shorter release with video for websites, more succinct again for social media, etc.  If your content ignites debate, and drives engagement, even better!  (And the usual rules apply when it comes to writing! Identify the hook, make it relevant, grab attention, be succinct.)

Results – digital allows for a measurable campaign. Analytics, tracked links, likes, impressions etc., means KPI dashboards can be updated and monitored with each subsequent campaign being improved.


A combination of traditional and digital PR should be seamless, and this will help to deliver bigger and better campaign results as well as increasing opportunities for brands and campaigns.

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