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Lessons learnt for life after lockdown

By Beatrice O'Dwyer


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Wednesday, 13th May 2020

There’s no question that life in lockdown has been tough for everyone, both from a social, economic and mental point of view. However, as the UK government prepares to loosen some lockdown measures, and some normality is set to be reintroduced to the lives of Brits stage-by-stage light at the end of the lockdown tunnel is finally beginning to shine through. But has lockdown really been all bad?

In this blog post, we reflect on the positives that we can take from life in lockdown, plus, we take a look at some of the personal or social changes that 85% of the public*have stated that they want to see in ‘new’ everyday life.

1 – A slower pace of life

The hustle and bustle of busy commutes, action-packed weekends and social cramming may feel like a long and distant memory for some, but for many, the stress caused by this chaotic way of life is hard to forget, and is one that hasn’t been missed over the course of lockdown.

As we look to life post-lockdown, we expect people will want to strike a healthier balance between looking-forward to plans and cherished ‘me time’.

2 – Healthier lifestyle

Okay, so we may joke that life in lockdown has driven us to the drink, but for many Brits, goals surrounding health and fitness have been a driving factor to get through lockdown! 

From making the most of daily exercise allowances by taking up running, cycling or walking, tuning into live workouts and exercise apps right through to trying new diets and cooking from scratch, many people have been able to improve their health by adapting their usual routine in favour of better lifestyle choices – choices that many will aim to maintain post-lockdown.

3 – Less pollution is the solution

The skies are clearing, wildlife is returning to blue waters, and the largest ever Arctic ozone hole has closed – amazing changes that scientists believe to be partly due to life coming to a standstill.

These positive environmental effects are ones that not just the UK, but the wider world should consider for life post-pandemic… For example, do we need to take as many long-haul flights year in, year out? Do we really need to drive to work everyday? Should we be buying products that have a high carbon footprint?...

4 – Trying new things

With all this free-time on our hands, many people have turned to trying new things in order to keep themselves entertained! This includes taking up new hobbies such as knitting, DIY, reading, baking and colouring, trying new foods and cuisines -either by cooking from scratch or ordering takeaways, and last but not least,exploring new ways of communicating with loved ones such as sending e-cards and hopping onto weekly zoom calls.

5 – Stronger social bonds

…That leads us onto the most positive change of all – stronger social bonds. Although we can’t physically be with some of our friends, colleagues and family members at this time, social bonds have never been stronger than now.

But it’s not just our nearest and dearest that we have become closer too during lockdown…Covid-19 has brought communities closer together, and the sub-groups of people within these have become more caring and considerate than ever before...

Post-pandemic, we predict that this sense of community will continue to shine through… after-all,we’ve ALL experienced lockdown – a tough and unforgettable experience that has been made easier by sticking together from a distance.


*According to a newly-released YouGov survey,commissioned by the RSA's Food, Farming and Countryside Commission (FFCC),together with food charity The Food Foundation. 

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