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UK hospitality is re-opening! But what new measures you we expect to see on the menu?

By Beatrice O'Dwyer


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Thursday, 2nd July 2020

The day that operators and customers have been waiting for is finally just around the corner…. The 4th of July: the first day that pubs, restaurants and bars can re-open their doors to the public, so long as they are operating in a Covid secure way… but what does this actually mean?

Well, in this blog-post, we take you through the list of likely new measures and rules that you can expect to see from re-opened pubs, restaurants and bars this weekend:

1. Reservations for eating AND DRINKING

Okay, so making a reservation to eat-out has been pretty standard practice for a while, right? …But what about making a booking to enjoy a pint?... Yes, you heard us right… spontaneous trips to some pubs are a massive no-no for the next few weeks, but why?

Well the answer is simple: by implementing strict reservation-only policies, pubs, bars and restaurants will be able to ensure safe, social distancing measures are maintained.

‍2. Bye-bye to buffets and self-serve

It’s time to wave goodbye to endless drink refills and multiple trips to the self-serve salad-bar my friends…. Sad times I know, but these kind of stations are virtually impossible to keep safe and sanitary, not to mention the challenges of making sure customers are queuing for refills in a socially distanced way.  

3. Table orders only

Table orders are basically part-and-parcel for most restaurants right?... But did you know that you may have to order your tipple from the table too? Whether it’s placing an order on app, or via table-service,punters will have to be seated at a table if they want to enjoy a drink or two. 

4. Strict time slots

In order to help venues maintain a safe environment with limited customer capacity, you may be advised that your reservation is only valid for a set period of time. But hey, most restaurants already advised this before lockdown, so I’m sure we can get used to that very quickly, right?

5. So-long to cramped tables

One thing we won’t miss about the old way of dining is the feeling of almost sitting on-top of the customers next to you due to cramped spacing between tables!

Thanks to social distancing guidelines, pubs and restaurants will now have to space seats and tables at least 2 metres apart, making for a more comfortable and intimate dining/drinking experience – result!

6. One-in, one-out toilet trips

You might want to go steady with your drinks in-take… unless of course you are okay with queuing for the loo!

Rather than letting multiple customers cram into the restroom at one-time, many venues will be implementing a ‘one-in, one-out’ system.

7. ID checks accompanied by temperature checks

If you’ve ever been asked to show your ID on the door of a pub or bar, you will know the feeling of flattery all too well…. But have you ever been asked for a temperature check on the door before?... I’m guessing not,but nevertheless, you might have to get used to this new-form of security, because some pub, restaurant and bar chains will be making compulsory temperature checks at the door!

8. Sanitise. Sanitise. Sanitise!

Notice a new companion next to the condiments on the table? Oh that’s right – it’s good old sanitiser!

Upon re-opening, we expect all pubs, restaurants and bars to have set-up multiple sanitisation stations, so make sure you use these facilities, especially when touching surfaces.

With so many new measures coming into effect this weekend, it’s safe to say that visiting pubs, restaurants and bars this will be a new kind of experience… but that doesn’t dampen our excitement. We for one are thrilled to see the hospitality industry re-open, and of course, to enjoying a safe and socially distanced pint or two.

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