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When you're selling food ingredients you need to show your customers the amazing recipes that can be created. No-one wants to see a frozen pack of beef ribs, but boy, do they want to try the mouth watering Mexican Cola Ribs. Creating 60s reels for Funnybones Foodservice, we brought to life 6 recipes with Chef Tom and walked away full of delicious Caribbean, Mexican, and American food!

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We took our videographer and a whole host of equipment to a commercial kitchen (thank you Welbilt) and spent the day creating 6 recipe reels for our client Funnybones Foodservice. In only 1 day we shot all the footage we needed and then headed into the office for a few days of editing. The result was these seriously impressive reels, and please, don’t underestimate the effort, preparation, and focus required to shoot these in 1 day!

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