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We manage many of our clients' social media accounts. It's a great partnership as we also do their PR so we understand their business, know their products, and tone of voice, work with their brand guidelines ensuring we're using the correct colours, fonts etc. Creating social media plans is pretty labour intensive, we do a lot of research, we work with the sales team to promote events or work they've done, we use a bank of client content that includes photographs and video plus we come up with ideas based on the industry, and what's trending.

  • Social Media
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Foodservice social media.

Synergy Grill is a leader in the field of grill technology and believes strongly in the power of demonstration and recommendation to drive business. For Synergy’s social media we use third party endorsement via case studies plus content from their involvement in the World Steak Challenge and their innovative approach to persuading operators of the financial justification of a Synergy Grill.

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