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Foodie Guide to Athens

By Beatrice O'Dwyer


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Thursday, 1st December 2022

We may well be into the swing of winter of now, but not so long ago, our Account Manager Bea jetted off to Zante and Athens for a two-part honeymoon filled with sun, sand, sea, and – especially when in Athens - history! But what foodie delights does this wonderous city have to hold? In this blog post, Bea reveals what dishes she tucked into whilst exploring the sites:

Pretty much as soon as we landed in Athens, my hunt for authentic Greek Gyros began. This dish is a firm favourite of mine, and I often make homemade Gyros at home which is why I was so eager to see how an authentic Greek-made version would compare.

After totting up a hefty step-count whilst exploring the amazing Acropolis, we decided to search for a restaurant serving Gyros, though unspringing, this wasn’t tricky...Almost every single restaurant running beside the Acropolis museum was promoting a gyros offering, which actually made it pretty tricky to decide which restaurant to choose… however, after a quick stalk of customer plates, the two of us and our rumbling tummies were guided to ‘Spezie’ where we ordered Pork Gyros. Fresh, filling and perfectly spiced, this Gyros was a perfect lunchtime treat, and certainly satisfied my craving for this Greek delight.

In fact, pretty much the entirety of our trip to Athens was fuelled by traditional Greek dishes such as fried feta with honey: an unbeatable creamy, flakey and undoubtedly calorific combo which is super indulgent. We also opted for a classic vegetarian Greek sharing platter one evening, which though simple, certainly hit the spot with tastes of handmade pitta, tzatziki and fried aubergine taking centre stage.

One dish that I ordered that I hadn’t realised was authentically Greek was pasta…yes that’s right a pasta type which does not originate in Italy!

Known in Greece as ‘Xylopites’, this pasta type was served with smoked pork chives, black garlic, Greek gruyere, truffle oil and a poached egg to finish – a dish which used the finest ingredients and truly transformed my perception of authentic Greek cuisine.

Washed down with plenty of cocktails, Mythos, and a farewell shot of ouzo where we clinked ‘yamas’, our trip to Athens had come to an end… but we were leaving with full memories, full hearts, and athirst for more delicious Greek cuisine!

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