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Taste Test: Battle of the Easter Eggs

By Beatrice O'Dwyer


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Friday, 22nd March 2019

In this review, RLP have ranked the Bounty Easter Egg, Ferrero Rocher Squirrel and Moo Free Easter Bunnycomb Egg, considering aspects such as taste, texture, value and packaging.

Bounty Easter Egg

To kick off the review, we begin with the highly anticipated Bounty Easter Egg: A giant milk chocolate egg full of coconut pieces. With the hollow egg comes a Milk Chocolate Bounty Bar and a Dark Chocolate Bounty Bar. Talk about a bounty lovers idea of heaven, right?

Within the office, there is a strong divide between bounty haters and bounty lovers; however, even some of the bounty loving members of the team weren't convinced by this egg, with many commenting that the egg was "too sweet" and that the notorious coconutty taste of a bounty bar did not reflect strongly in the egg; in fact, every single team member agreed that the flavour was too faint, welp! The thickness of the egg was also a huge talking point in the office, and whilst a chunkier shell may not be everyone's cup of tea, at least it helps to justify the rather expensive £10 price tag... but with a staggering 494g of chocolate, what else can you expect?

Forrero Rocher Squirrel

By striking contrast, the Ferrero Rocher Squirrel contains 90g of chocolate, to put this into scale, this is around the same size as a small Lindt Bunny or two snack-sized chocolate bars, an ideal size for someone looking to experience indulgence on a smaller-scale this Easter. With a medium thickness shell, the team agreed that the Ferrero Rocher Squirrel had the best texture of the bunch. Made with milk chocolate and pieces of hazelnut, the hollow egg was silky, yet at the same time crunchy thanks to the inclusion of chopped hazelnuts. This combination of milk chocolate and hazelnut also allowed for "the distinctive Ferrero taste" to burst through, as Niall enthused. Priced at £2.50 and infolded in a simple foil wrapper, the Ferrero Rocher Egg is not only reasonably valued, but light on packaging making it a brilliant all-round choice... unless you despise, or are allergic to, nuts!

Moo Free Easter Bunnycomb Egg

Similar in size to the Ferrero Squirrel comes the Moo Free Easter Bunnycomb Egg (110g). However, despite their similar sizes, the Bunnycomb egg retails at £3.99 making it £1.49 more expensive than the Ferrero Squirrel despite a meagre 30g difference in weight. Why you may ask? It's because this egg is completely dairy, gluten and soya free... not that many members of the team could notice! In fact, Gail even commented that this vegan egg "tasted the most like real chocolate" due to its balanced taste - not too sweet, nor too heavy, whilst Mark felt quite the opposite, claiming you could tell it wasn't made with dairy. However, despite this divide, the entire team agreed that there simply wasn't enough honeycomb in this Bunnycomb egg, ironic right? Still, considering nobody in the office follows a vegan diet, the bunny comb egg was fairly well received.

The Verdict

So, what's the final verdict from team RLP?

In third place comes Bounty - A highly hyped up egg ideal for those with a super sweet tooth

In a close second place comes Moo Free - A surprisingly delightful vegan option

Reigning victorious comes the Ferrero Rocher Squirrel - An egg-celent option for nut loving chocaholics!

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