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World Chocolate Day Taste Test

By Summer Dunscombe


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Friday, 7th July 2023

At Rawlingson Lane, we will always opt in for a good taste test. So, with world chocolate day right around the corner, we decided to be extra good and go for healthy choices this year, sampling only the most nutritious and sustainable chocolate bars we could get our hands on.

 There were five different tasty treats this year and they consisted of:

1.    Ombar coco mylk – 55% cocoa chocolate– (RRP £3.20)

2.    Wholefruit – 72% cocoa – (RRP £2.85)

3.    Cadbury Plant Bar – 42% cocoa – (RRP£2.50)

4.    Raw Halo – 52% cocoa – (RRP £3.00)

5.    Tony’s Chocolonely caramel biscuit bar – 32% cocoa – (RRP £3.00)

 For this taste test, we didn’t put together a scoring system like usual, but rated each of the chocolate bars based on their smell and their taste.

First to the judges’ taste buds was the Ombar Coco Mylk bar. This chocolate bar was by far the healthiest, and also contained billions of live cultures. Made out of coconut, this bar is quite an acquired taste. Some of us thoroughly enjoyed it, but the rest of us weren’t so keen.

Next up was the Wholefruit bar. This amazingly healthy chocolate bar boasted an impressive 72% cocoa! This exceptionally strong chocolate bar confused our taste buds, as we weren’t expecting its tangy and slightly fruity flavour. Whilst this item unfortunately wasn’t a favourite amongst us, it was definitely the most unique.

Up next on the list is the Cadbury plant bar; an almond based chocolate bar that was very sweet. With prominent hints of nut in it, and a creamy melt-in-the mouth texture, this went down a treat with a lot of us. One drawback to this entry is the fact it left a very distinctive aftertaste in our mouths.  

Following the almond based delight, came the Raw Halo bar. This vegan and dairy-free chocolate had a strong but not overpowering cocoa scent to it, leaving our noses pleasantly surprised. Although this one wasn’t as popular as its Cadbury alternative, some of us really enjoyed it! 

Last but certainly not least, was Tony’s Chocolonely. Despite being the most unhealthy entry, we decided to include it in our taste test thanks to its green credentials and sustainable sourcing. And it paid off! This delicious chocolate bar was very sweet, and turned out to be a favourite of the day! 

Overall, Tony’s Chocolonely was voted the favourite of the office – leaving all of us with happy tummies, but the healthiest chocolate by far was the Ombar Coco Mylk with its unique taste and live cultures. A very peculiar taste test if you ask us!

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